Sheffield blogger celebrates modelling plus size clothing collection


Curvaceous Georgina Grogan, a 20-year-old blogger from Parsons Cross, is now the face of new High Street Plus Size clothing collection, Scarlett & Jo for Evans.

Meet the award winning fashion and beauty writer turned model, to find out how she feels about representing a leading national retailer…

When did you first discover an interest in fashion and beauty?

From quite a young age to be honest, I would watch my Mum put on her makeup and want to look like her. I started wearing mascara at around 11 and then with fashion, that did take me a little longer. Being bigger meant it wasn’t the easiest to find nice clothes at a young age that would fit properly and flatter my shape. Eventually I made things work for me by adding belts and broadening my fashion search to different brands.

You’re a self-taught MUA. Did you learn mostly through YouTube?

I did a lot of trial and error to start, just mainly painting my face and seeing where I ended up. However, if there was something I couldn’t figure out, I would definitely head over YouTube to watch and learn. There are some amazing videos on there and I picked things up very easily thankfully!

What inspired you to start a blog?

I’ve always loved writing and the beauty world, so I decided to combine the two! It actually took a little persuasion and encouragement from a Customer from when I used to work back at Lush actually, she told me I looked like a plus size blogger and I mentioned how I always wanted to get into having my own blog. So I went home and started! I always thank her whenever passing in Meadowhall now!

When did you launch the blog and how has it grown since day one?

I launched in June 2013 and it took off massively to my absolute surprise. I was even being approached by companies just a couple weeks into setting up my blog which back then, I didn’t understand why they wanted to even work with me. I now work with companies all over the globe and my views actually go up by the day. It’s incredible to see something I love doing and I’ve worked so hard on to do so well and that people actually enjoy reading what I have to say and want more and more of it!

Which other bloggers do you admire?

This is such a difficult question as there are so many and new ones that I read and fall in love with all the time! I follow and look at an incredibly diverse group of bloggers who I admire and who inspire me daily

Your blog, She Might Be Loved, was the winner of the Plus Size Award for Best Fashion Blog in November 2014. It must be humbling to see your hard work recognised?

I was blown away to even be nominated, but then to actually win was something completely different. I had never heard of the Plus Size Awards until I was nominated and that feeling is something I will never forget. It’s overwhelmingly amazing to think that people know and enjoy reading you to the point where enough think you deserve to be recognised for it. My award now sits proudly in my room!

What has been the response from the public and specifically Plus Size girls?

Nothing but positive which I am eternally grateful for. I now have people say that they want to look like me, which I’ve never experienced before and it’s kind of weird to hear when a lot of people consider my size as a bad thing! It’s heart-warming in the sense that people don’t see my size as a negative at all even though I am putting myself out there for anyone to judge, instead they just love my outfits, how I style things and want to know where I shop!

How did your modelling career begin?

I wouldn’t say it’s a modelling career as it has just been the once so far (and a failed attempt which I don’t really talk about), but you never know, there might be more on the way, and yes, I am hinting!
Anyway, I met with the owner of Scarlett & Jo, Gifi Fields after the Plus Size Awards and he expressed his interest in designing a dress for me. Scarlett & Jo is a brand exclusive to Evans and I loved the thought of seeing a dress in store that was designed and made for me, especially as I fall in love with every collection they bring out! Soon it was a reality and I was asked to be a part of a blogger shoot down in London which was an incredible experience and a day I will never forget. After the shoot he asked if I would be the Face of the Scarlett & Jo and I was so honoured. I now love visiting the Scarlett & Jo section on Evans to see my face!

How did the shoot go?

The shoot was absolutely incredible, we all got to wear the dresses that were designed for us, and try on the others too! It was such a relaxing and chilled out day at a beautiful Georgian venue called Home House in London. We were fed and watered whilst swanning around in beautiful dresses in a huge suite where we got ready and had our photos taken in there too. Home House is honestly one of the most beautiful places and it was a dream to be able to spend the day there. The group of bloggers I was with are the most amazing and inspiring people and it was lovely getting to know them better.

Which models do you most admire?

I really love Ashley Graham, I had always seen photos of her and thought she was absolutely stunning but it wasn’t until recently that I learnt her name and can now stalk her on Instagram!

What’s next for you?

It seems to have been a big year already but I really just want to keep going and hopefully doing more exciting things like the blogger shoot! I’m hoping to work with a lot more companies in 2015 with exciting collaborations and making my content even funner and more exciting for my readers! I’m really looking forward to what this year has in store!



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