Become starrier than the Milky Way in go-to party pieces from English Girl!


This is the new fashion label from Sheffield style obsessive, Michelle Mullins.

For the past two decades, this local lady has worked for leading retail names including Topshop, Superdry and Fred Perry but now she’s ready to take on the challenge of launching her own label.

Set to officially launch in Spring/Summer 2015, English girl offers Balearic rock-chick inspired clothing for those who like to party.  Your Sheffield News speaks to the fashion company founder to find out more ahead of the label launch…

What is the concept?

I had the idea for the English Girl label a few years. The whole brand is based on a paisley print with an identifiable logo. Its feminine party wear with edge. I love clubbing but I struggle to find unique party pieces – I saw a gap in the market.


What inspires your pieces?

I’ve taken inspiration from brands who have a recognisable textile – such as Burberry, Orla Keily and Cath Kidston.

The logo is unique. What’s the story behind this?

The logo combines a rose and a bee. The rose is from Sheffield Forgemaster – the brand launched in my hometown, the steel city, so I was keen to incorporate this. The bee represents my daughter, whom I named Maisey-Bee. It tells a personal story. The whole brand is inspired by my life – I’ve loved partying since I was a wee one and I’m still part of this culture. The rock and rebellion styles of clothing represent this lifestyle.


How will the collections change each season?

Each season, English Girl goes to a new destination. She’s following the call of the disco ball. For the first collection, she goes to Bali.

Who is English Girl?

She’s a girl who is admired. The brand is aimed at fun-loving, ordinary girls who want to live their lives one mistake at a time. Anyone can be English Girl.

The model we chose is Jessica Carley Clarke! Daughter of a pirate dad and Armani model mum, she’s a free spirit and has stories that even the craziest dreamers couldn’t invent.


Where can we shop English Girl?

I’m a home-grown business so at the moment, just online. But I’d like to become a stockist in Sheffield and eventually have a stand-alone store. We’ll also be launching videos online – make-up tutorials and hair-how-to’s.

Do you have plans to expand the brand?

Once the brand has established itself, I may expand to menswear but my ultimate goal is to sell thermos flasks. I’d also like to launch pens and bedding – all using the same print.

Prices start from £25 up to £125 for heavily embellished pieces.






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