How long do you spend applying your make-up each morning? I spent endless hours pencilling in my patchy brows each day as a result of years of over-plucking. But I couldn’t create the textured natural brow I desired no matter how much I invested in wax, powder and pencils.

Having the perfect brow arch frames your face but there’s no denying it’s a time consuming task creating the effect with make-up. That’s why many people are turning to permanent cosmetics.

Permanent eyebrows are one of the most requested procedures – it’s a type of tattooing that uses pharmaceutical grade pigments which are applied to the second layer of your skin. This results in a natural shadow of colour giving the appearance of make-up.


I’d researched many salons who offered the service but I was most impressed with the work of Sarah White at Alive Salon. Every before and after picture on her website and Facebook page looked perfect.

At the consultation, we discussed what colour, shape and effect I wanted. Sarah then pencilled this in with non-permanent colour and we adjusted where necessary until I was happy with my perfect bespoke brow. The permanent make-up could then be applied.

The consultation put me completely at ease. The Alive salon is peaceful and relaxing – secretly nestled within the Peak District at an old Mill House Cottage which has been restored and converted into a luxurious beauty salon and vitality studio. It’s the ideal place to be pampered. Alive has been designed as a balanced space, surrounded by nature and filled with the relaxing sound of the flowing river.


My consultation took place in the upstairs private treatment room where we were undisturbed. The permanent make-up application was no more painful than having my eyebrows shaped. Despite my eyes watering from the light, the pain could only be compared to a bramble bush touching your skin.

Using the Novaeau Contour advanced machine and soothing cream keeps the treatment very comfortable. Sarah told me that some clients regularly fall asleep during the treatment.

The appointment took a total of two hours (including the consultation and application) and the treatment cost £395 – the price includes your first treatment and top-up treatment 4-6 weeks later. Your second appointment takes only one hour.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may require a further top-up between 12-18 months after this. A top-up treatment is charged at £200.

I was given an after care advice sheet to take home, a complimentary pot of healing balm to apply twice daily and Sarah’s business card just in case I had any further questions or needed advice.

Sarah is very approachable and knowledgeable. I trusted her 100 per cent to apply the permanent cosmetics. She didn’t disappoint – my brows looked incredible.


Four weeks on, I am almost fully healed and due back for my top-up treatment. The treated area took around seven days to settle and during this time was at its darkest. The area became flaky and dry but the healing balm helped to re-nourish.

Sarah offers a complete range of holistic treatments at Alive. The dynamic team are dedicated to pampering you – leaving you nourished in body, mind and soul.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a visit to Alive.

07970 848 647


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