Meet design duo Steven Sheldon and Emma Hall – founders of House of SheldonHall (HOSH)


How did HOSH begin?

The brand name is a combination of our surnames – SheldonHall. We met at college where we studied art and design before then we went to university to study textiles. We weren’t your typical students – instead of going out partying we’d stay in working, drinking tea and eating cake. We’re not ashamed to say we were teacher’s pets but we were learning so much we didn’t want to stop.

Steven went to work for Burberry for a while but the dream was always to own our own label.  The creative direction is never yours.

HOSHNEWneg with copy right copy

Where is HOSH based?

We work from Emma’s attic which her partner converted as a purpose built design studio. Being in such a close environment, arguments happen but they always help to make the best outfits.

What have been your biggest achievements to date?

Steven applied for a design competition at Hand & Lock embroidery house and won the opportunity to work with them. We also had the opportunity to hold a photoshoot with NYC shoot for Tatler Magazine – which is part of the Condé Nast circuit. We’ve been fortunate to gain coverage in both regional and national publications.


What inspires your designs?

We look for a story. Having a focus gives our designs more depth. We also listen to music as inspiration.

Can we purchase from HOSH?

We wouldn’t turn away a customer who wanted to purchase a design or have a bespoke item created but at the moment our approach is artistic not sales focused. It’s hard to put a price on our work.  So much time goes in to each piece. One jacket takes approximately one week – most of our pieces are hand-finished.

Tassel Front 2

Who would you like to see wear your designs?

We’d love to see Daphne Guinness and Erin O’Conner in our designs.

What has been the reaction to the brand?

The response has been international, we’ve received emails from stylists and professionals from all over the world expressing their admiration for what we’re doing and their desire to work with us.

What do you think makes a successful brand?

Good marketing and a good collection. We don’t look like typical designers but that gives shock impact. Steven works in a fabric store part time and Emma works in accounts but our bosses are very proud of our achievements. We put as much of our free time as possible in to HOSH.


Who is the face of HOSH?

A friend of ours from Sheffield models most of our collections. She’s very natural and suits our designs perfectly. We’re proud to keep the brand here in the city.

How do you plan to expand?

Our goal is to have a bigger studio, employ staff, take our collections to the runway and launch menswear. At the moment our focus is womenswear.

The queue to enter the fashion world can only be compared to a queue for a ride at Alton Towers. It’s a waiting game but we wouldn’t be able to stop now.

gold 3

House of SheldonHall Autumn Winter 2015 is now available to view via

Brightening up the autumn winter Season, the House of SheldonHall are going back to their theatrical roots, exploring the rich textures and colours of modern Mexican culture. Taking inspiration from Mexican wrestling arenas, fiesta nightlife and ancient civilisation.

Their hybrid of couture techniques and sportswear conveys an exciting, opulent street style that their followers may not be expecting.

From their humble attic space in Sheffield, HOSH are determined to turn heads with their second hand finished collection of jackets and coats.

Having grabbed the attention of the stylists of high profile magazines such as Hello & Tatler with their debut, the duo plan to climb further up the editorial ladder this season with their latest offering.

‘Our approach to this season has been more editorial, but we feel there’s commercial potential in what we’re presenting’- Steven Sheldon

‘We wanted to show we have diversity in our creativity, but keep our dramatic silhouettes’- Emma Hall

To view the Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection from House of Sheldonhall, visit

Follow on Instagram and Twitter @HOSHELDONHALL


Photo credits: Shona Munro –


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