FASHION: Gemma Collins and Evans label launch

TOWIE star Gemma Collins has collaborated with leading plus-size High Street label, Evans. 

Sir Phillip Green – founder of the Evans name – wants Gemma’s ideas as a fashion expert to help inject a more ‘sexy’ and youthful style into the the brand, which stocks clothes for women between sizes 14 and 32.

To celebrate the launch of her aptly named collection, Gemma Collins, the Essex born actress made an appearance at several Evans stores across the UK. Unfortunately the Meadowhall, Sheffield, appearance was cancelled last minute but Gemma was happy to answer my questions over email…


Five minutes on fashion…

How would you describe your style?

Very varied but fun. I love to try new styles and experiment and I’m never afraid of colour! Especially for this season as the weather gets warmer.

  1. How did the collaboration with Evans come about?

Well I have been a big fan of Evans for a long time and so when this collaboration was brought to the table I jumped at the chance! I think my brand’s message synced up with theirs and it was such an amazing moment when it all came together.
Blue Navy Tulip Dress, £65

(Navy Blue France Tulip Dress, £65)

  1. What is your favourite piece from the current collection?

That’s always such a hard one! Especially as there are tops, maxis, dresses and lots of styles which are great for different occasions. I like the bright styles the best I would say as they are so great to make you feel ready for the summer – even if the weather is grey like it mostly is here! [laughs]

  1. How involved were you with the garment designs?

The Name on the door says Gemma Collins and it really is. I don’t just pass my brand on to someone else and I don’t think I could – I would be a pain in their behinds! [laughs] I have so many ideas that it just wouldn’t work at all. I love designing and I always look at the fashion shows and I’m always on twitter asking what my fans would like to wear. You wouldn’t get that if it wasn’t my collection so yes I’m very involved.
Gemma Collins Black Multicoloured Jamaica Maxi Dress, £60

(Black Multicoloured Jamaica Maxi, £60)

  1. Bodycon dresses feature within the collection which are known to be figure-hugging. How do you get the balance between style and a flattering fit?

My collection is designed for curvy women by a curvy woman. I’m not just taking a size 10 style and making it bigger like some other brands. I try them on and I get other plus size women to try them on and if they’re not flattering they get the boot. There’s lots of subtle ruching and nipped in waists and thick skimming fabric and elements to the dress that you don’t see until you try it on and you’re like ‘wow actually this looks amazing’. I wouldn’t ever make anything that real women couldn’t wear as what would be the point?

  1. What’s on your summer wardrobe wish list?

I love the fringing trend but its hard to pull off. I’m such an accessories girl though when it comes to Summer! I love a new pair of Kurt Geiger sandals and some statement jewellery – doesn’t every girl though?

  1. What’s the most extravagant fashion purchase you’ve ever made?

You know I never splurge out I am a big high street lover. I did buy a Chanel bag a few years ago but I get so much use out of it. It was my special gift to myself but I’m careful with my money I’m not one of those celebs that’s all about brands and spending money that’s silly.

(Maldives Notch Neck Dress, £70)

  1. You’re regularly photographed for fashion magazines looking glam – but have you ever made a fashion faux pas that you’ve regretted?

Hasn’t everyone?? Yes unfortunately there have been some moments where you just have to cringe and laugh. The worst part about being famous is those pictures don’t go away! It’s not like you can just have a giggle with your friends then they take it off Facebook – Its out there forever!

  1. Which are your top three stores for fashion and accessories?

Well Evans obviously! I also love Topshop for accessories and of course Kurt Geiger for shoes!

  1. What is your favourite trend this season?

I love florals. Its great for summer and it really brightens your wardrobe and gives you a chance to go all out.  Plus it is such a staple to wear to so many events – its definitely my fave!

Shop the Gemma Collins Collection in store or at


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