FOOD: Cocktail making and burrito building at Rev de Cuba

From burrito building to cocktail making and rum tasting – I was invited to try my hand at making Revolucion De Cuba’s customer favourites. Here’s how I got on in the Cuban cucina…


Burrito building


“On busy days, the amount of burritos I make is well in to the hundreds” Chef Toddy tells us, as he finishes folding the wrap of his example burrito. “Your turn” he smiles.

Ok, so I may be a regular ‘eater’ of the burrito, but this is my first time as a ‘maker’. On to a flat flour tortilla goes a lashing of sour cream, a sprinkling of cheese, a generous scoop of rice, mixed peppers, refried beans and the main ingredient – the meat. So far so good but rolling the wrap is the hard part. The knack is to fold the wrap in half, scrunch it, then roll tight tucking in all of the edges. Easier said than done we discover. “Pulled pork is the most popular burrito filling on our menu” Todd tells us. “There’s been a big hype around this meat for a while now and our customers can’t get enough of it.” I agree. Their pulled pork is cooked to perfection and works a treat in my burrito.

Chef tip: Add a little rum sauce to your burrito for even more flavour.


Margarita masterclass


I grab the cocktail menu and allow Liam, the Revolucion de Cuba cocktail master, to show me the way to Margarita heaven. Personal preference, but I like my glass salted so I grab a margarita glass, graze the rim with a segment of lime then in the most elegantly way, I dunk the rim in to the salt tray. Now for the contents. In to a cocktail mixer goes the ice, 2oz tequila, 1oz lime juice, 1oz Cointreau, then we shake. Through a drainer flows the classic margarita finished with a lime on the side. Perfect.

Rum Club


New to rum? So was I until I attended rum tasting at Revolucion de Cuba (check the website for exclusive Sheffield events) and boy, what a way to start! Our host Wayne introduced us to their collection – from £20 a bottle to £20 a shot.

First up was white rum – an initial taste of caramel and toasted almonds with an unusual but light after taste of pepper. Next, spiced rum – boasting a strong banana twang this is the most popular rum used in Revolucion de Cuba’s cocktails. And finally, Gosling – traditionally served in champagne bottles, this rum is associated with piracy and has a strong flavour of treacle. Leave the car at home and put on your dancing shoes.


Visit to view the full menu, events and offers.

Revolucion de Cuba, 1 Mappin Street, Sheffield S1 4DT.

0114 2799250.


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