BEAUTY: Sarah Gray MUA, Sheffield

Meet makeup artist Sarah Gray, founder of The Makeup Studio…


How did your career as a MUA begin?

I studied art at college but at that time I wasn’t sure which direction to take career-wise. I’ve had a subscription to Vogue for as long as I can remember – fashion and photography have always been keen interests of mine – so I made the decision to take a course in media makeup and hair. I focused on beauty and editorial and began work first for Laura Mercier then Mac, on their department store counters. You get thrown in at the deep end there – it was more intensive than the college course and I got to work alongside some amazingly talented artists.


When was The Makeup Studio born?

I set up on my own two years ago. Dronfield is where I grew up so it made sense to open the studio here. It’s easily accessible from Sheffield and Derbyshire but surprisingly, I get clients travelling here from much further afield. People regularly visit from Leeds and Bradford, but I’ve had bookings from as far as Cornwall and The Lake District.

What is your specialist area?

My preferred area of work is beauty photoshoots but my most popular bookings are for occasion makeup and brides.

What is the most requested make-up look?

A classic smoky eye is the most requested style of makeup and more recently, contouring has become popular. Possibly surrounding the Kardashian hype – this is Kim’s signature style.


What are the key beauty trends at the moment?

Browns for the eyes and nudes for the lips. Brows are also becoming less prominent – in comparison to the heavy defined brows we’ve seen for the past couple of seasons.

What is the biggest makeup faux pas you see in Sheffield?

A lot of people get brows wrong. They’re often pencilled in too solid at the front. Getting it right is an art though – I advise using an eyeshadow rather than a pencil as it’s much easier to blend and gives a more natural finish.

What are your top tips for holiday makeup?

Don’t wear too much foundation. Wear a tinted moisturiser for a more natural, beachy summer look. I always play-down makeup in summer – show off your freckles and tan! But if you really can’t bear, baring-all for the lived-in-look, use a highlighter for the high points on the face.

What is your most memorable makeover?

Last Hallowe’en I did the makeup for Royal Blood. That was fun. I get a lot of calls around that time of year to do quirky makeovers.


What is happening at The Makeup Studio, right now?

We’re currently hosting group masterclasses where makeup enthusiasts can study one area in depth (£20pp for two hours). I also offer one-to-one make-up lessons (£40) where I apply makeup to one side of the face and the clients applies the other. Visit my website and social media pages to keep up to date with the latest events and offers and take a look at my latest work via my blog.


Special occasion makeup – £30

Just eyes – £20

Bridal makeup – £75 (travel to location up to two hours)

The Makeup Studio, The Forge, Church Street, Dronfield, S18 1QX



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