FITNESS: Leeds wellness spa launches power booster shot


With summer fast approaching, I’ve been hitting the gym hard in an attempt to get in shape for braving it in a bikini on the beach.

If, like me, you aren’t used to such regular high intensity workouts – you’ve probably also suffered days of stiff legs and sore muscles post workout.

So when I heard about a new power booster shot – best for fitness enhancement and recuperation – I jumped at the chance to try it.



COQ10 Logo 1

Following success in the US, intramuscular fitness supplement, CoQ10+, has launched in the UK, exclusively available at REVIV wellness spas.

CoQ10+ can rehydrate and revitalise the body with key vitamins, minerals and nutrients as they are administered straight into the bloodstream (via a painless jab in your bum cheek).




To celebrate the introduction of CoQ10+ at flagship wellness spa, REVIV Leeds, the Guiseley venue held a launch party on Monday (18) and even the celebrities couldn’t resist trying it out.

Emmerdale actors Michael Parr and Adele Silva were amongst the first to get their power boost; adding to an already established A-list fan base.

Simon Cowell, Rita Ora, Cara Delevigne, and Natalie Imbruglia all use wellness treatments; CoQ10+ is endorsed by major sportspeople, professional athletes and olympians who have noticed visible and improved differences in their athletic performance and recovery.



The body is able to digest and absorb only 50 per cent of vitamins and benefits via oral methods such as drinking water, energy drinks, vitamin supplements and tablets etc; but CoQ10+ delivers high levels directly into the body within seconds, to reap 100% of the true benefits!

The benefits of CoQ10+:

1 – Produces energy for cell growth and maintenance

2 – Detoxifies the body and reduces stress

3 – Protects body from harmful toxins

4 – Maintains cardiovascular health

5 – Boosts immune system


coq10+ 1



“I’d recommend a shot every couple of weeks to get the maximum benefits; but you can have them as and when you need them” explained Dr Martin Kinsella. “Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular health, reduce fatigue, enhance performance or speed up recovery, CoQ10+ will top up your levels of valuable vitamins and compounds.”

REVIV offer single CoQ10+ Booster Shots (at £49 each) as well as discounted packages (five for £200 and ten for £300).


REVIV Leeds, Station Road, Guiseley, LS20 8EY.



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