Bloggers becoming brand ambassadors

Today, it seems like everyone and their dog has a blog. But believe it or not, the word blog wasn’t actually coined until 1999.

The first ever blog is claimed to be, created by American college student Justin Hall, who named it his ‘personal site’ back in 1994.

Since then, blogging has boomed; for many, it has resulted in the transition from a hobby to a career, turning passion in to profit.


In 2003, Google launched AdSense to connect bloggers and advertisers; Vlogging (video blogging) followed in 2006, thanks to the launch of YouTube; and by 2008, a new blog was created every single second of the day.

A study by Universal McCann reports more than three quarters of internet users now read blogs, with 900,000 blog posts going live daily in 81 languages.

Is it any surprise brands are seeking out bloggers to act as ambassadors?

Bloggers are now much more than just entertaining voices for the everyday – taking centre stage as they represent big industry names.

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