BEAUTY: Give your brows a beauty overhaul at Benito!

A chic new brow bar has opened at Meadowhall; the latest addition to Debenhams beauty department.

Offering threading and tinting for brows and lashes, Benito is leading the brow revolution; achieveiving dramatic flawless results and transforming faces in a matter of minutes.

I was lucky enough to be invited as a VIP to their launch event in May; a chance to find out more about the Benito brand, try out their treatments and take home some beauty goodies to review.


Greeted with Benito branded cupcakes and a glass of bubbly; the service was superb from start to finish.


The brow technicians were approachable and knowledgeable – advising me on the best treatments to achieve my desired look.

I’ve over plucked my brows for years so I asked for a fuller looking brow, dark and defined.

The technician suggested I try a brow tint and book the Wow Brow package – seven threading treatments, scheduled every two weeks, to get my brows back to looking their best.  Here’s the results…



It’s recommended to book with the same technician each session – as they’ll get to know your face – and to stop using tweezers entirely at home, as it affects the hair growth; allowing just enough time for re-growth between each threading session.

Threading has now overtaken waxing as the nation’s favourite hair removal technique; with famous faces like Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevigne promoting the natural yet groomed brow look.

Eyebrow shape can be completely controlled, hair by hair, using the threading method of twisting and knotting a piece of thread; moving it across rows of hairs and grasping them at the root before pulling them out, removing up to 15 hairs in one swift movement.

Although the technician holds the thread with her mouth, it’s actually her hands doing the work.

Threading can be done underneath and on top of the brow; the myth surrounding threading on top is not true – hair will still grow back in this area and can be controlled by regular threading.

A sensation similar to tweezing and waxing, the slight discomfort is over in just a couple of minutes, leaving you with a natural arch, defined further by trimming overhanging hairs with scissors.

The technician then applies a thin layer of aloe vera – which reduces redness and soothes the skin – then finishes the treatment with a complimentary hand massage.



A brow tint is completely pain-free; colour matched to your hair, the tint is applied over your natural brow hair to give even colour over patchy or thin areas.

Left to develop for up four minutes, the tint is then wiped off and brows are left with a discreet tint which will last up to ten days – it even hides any unwanted greys.

Tinting is a quick and simple way to enhance colour and definition.

A patch test is required at least 24 hours before the treatment – just a small circle of colour is applied behind the ear – to check for any allergic reactions. The patch test is valid for six months, and a second patch test will be required if you take a break of 12 months of more between tinting appointments.



New to tinting? Take advantage of 50% off your first brow or lash tint. A voucher will be given when you go for a patch test, valid until Tuesday 31st May, 2016.

Dads can also enjoy a complimentary brow treatment from June 10th to 26th – a Father’s Day treat from Benito!


  • Threading treatments start from £5 for the middle brow up to £40 for a full face.
  • Tining treatments start from £10 for eyebrows to £15 for eyelashes.
  • Book an eyebrow tint and shape together for £23.


Following the success of the first Benito brow bar to open in Selfridges Birmingham in 2006, Benito now has 35 brow bars in Debenhams and House of Fraser stores across the UK.

Chosen as one of the best brow bars in the UK by Harpers Bazaar, trusted brand Benito offers a convenient express walk-in service – perfect for the modern man and women.

Benito Meadowhall is open seven days per week:

Monday to Friday 10am – 9pm

Saturday 9am – 8pm

Sunday 11am – 5pm

Find your local Benito brow bar, here!

Have you visited Benito for a brow overhaul? Share your selfie @benitobrowbar.


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