Jeremy Loops: UK tour

From South Africa to Nottingham, I caught up with award-winning folk singer Jeremy Loops on the northern leg of his UK tour…


How is the tour going?

It’s been good fun so far. We’ve had a lot of wild nights.

Describe your music in no more than ten words. Go…

Modern folk featuring beats, raps and sax. A mish-mash.

What inspires you, musically?

Growing up in South Africa is the inspiration behind my music. I get to travel a lot now, too, which inspires me creatively.

Jeremy Loops Outdoor_PhotoCredit_BenBrown.jpg

Who are your music heroes?

My taste is always changing. One year I’ll love an artist then the next year I’ll hate their follow-up album.  I’d say Bob Dylan was certainly an inspiration for me in my earlier years.

If you had to pick a current artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

I think I’d have to pick a person based on personality over musical abilities. Too many artists are divas in the studio. I couldn’t cope with that.


You co-created tree-planting organisation Greenpop in South Africa…. How much involvement do you have with the charity?

At one point I was very hands on – I was managing the finances but now I’ve launched my music career I don’t get as much time; I now spread awareness through my vocals.

Have you had any free time to explore the UK between gigs?

I’ve had a few days off. It’s not my first time here though, I’ve toured the UK before, but I’m interested in history so I try to see as many sights as I can.  I miss the food back home though – I struggle to find healthy options on the road, but it’s much better than the USA.


When do you return home to Cape Town?

December! When I leave the UK, the tour continues to Europe and ends in Australia. I’ll take a short break then I’ll be back in the studio early 2017 to record my second album.

What’s been your best gig of the year?

It’s hard to pick one – I could narrow it down to a top two: The Netherlands; which was a sold out gig and the Electric Ballroom; the London venue was bursting with excitement.

What was the worst gig of 2016?

A festival I did in North Wales. The weather is horrendous there. We were rained out. I’m used to warmer climates in South Africa.


UK tour dates:

  • Thursday, 20th October – 02 Academy Bristol
  • Friday 21st October – 02 Forum Kentish Town, London
  • Saturday 22nd October – Concorde 2, Brighton

Trading change, deluxe edition, now available on iTunes.


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