Bootcamp and bants with Fran

Who? Francis Sprenger

What? Personal trainer and transformation coach

Where? Be X Fitness, Sheffield

Why? He loves what he does…


PT, Francis Sprenger

“I was skinny before I started going to the gym. I was 16/17 years old and weighed about eight stone. I started training as a hobby but soon after I enrolled on fitness courses and qualified as a PT.”

How long have you been a PT in Sheffield?

Six years. I began my career at Fitness First, then Pure Gym and for the past three years I’ve been at Be X Fitness – sister company to Trib3.

What do you do at Be X?

I’m at the gym from 6.30am to 10pm. I offer one-to-one personal training, group bootcamps, transformation packages, and tailored nutritional plans.

You’re setting a good example to your clients! How do you keep in such good shape?


Fran’s transformation: before and after

I enter Bodybuilding competitions – men’s health style – that’s what keeps me motivated. And it’s my business so I have to practice what I preach. I train for two hours a day which is exhausting but it gives me personal satisfaction.

Have you won any competition titles?

I’ve been in the top three. I take part in WBFF competitions. I first saw the comp advertised at Body Power Expo – an event at the NEC Birmingham. I saw the guys shape on the stand and set myself the goal to transform my physique. I worked with Ryan Dack PT and within six months I’d lost 50lb.


Fran competing, second from the left

When’s your next competition?

I’m competing in August 2017 at The Worlds. It’s at the London O2 arena. I’ll be in the amateur class if anyone wants to come and support me.

For someone wanting to transform their physique like you did, where do they start?

I learnt a lot from my fitness journey so it pushed me to create transformation packages to help others. It’s a 12 week programme.

What’s the most common body complaint you hear from women?

Most girls and women complain about having a ‘double bum’.

What’s the most common fitness goal for men?

Guys wanting to get leaner / shredded.

What’s your best client success story?

My client Julie had never been to a gym before, but since training with me she’s lost four and a half stone. She even brings her daughter to train with her now too.


Fran with client Julie, celebrating her 4 stone loss

What do you eat when you’re training?

I eat clean mostly but I enjoy a pizza so I don’t give it up entirely. You’ve got to allow yourself a treat every now and then. But 14-16 weeks before I compete, I cut everything out complexly and really focus. Off-season I’ll eat 4,000 calories per day, in-season I’ll restrict myself to 2,000.

Tell us about the tailored nutritional plans?

You can choose from a generic or a bespoke plan. They’re designed to be realistic and maintainable. You don’t have to eat chicken and rice six times a day – enjoy fish and chips and spag bols with your family and friends, but follow my guide on portion sizes and cooking methods. I have labelled my plans get shredded, get massive etc – they’re designed with specific goals in mind.


Fran’s before and after back progress

Tell us about your Lift and Lose group bootcamp classes at Be X

I run four weekly sessions – evenings and Saturday morning. Be X members can come to as many as they like each week – all included in the price.

For those of us that indulged a little too much over the festive period, how do we kick start a realistic New Year fitness plan?

Fran’s five top tips:

* Download an app called My Fitness Pal – input everything you eat and it’ll count your calories for you. You can see where you’re going wrong and monitor your eating habits.

* Commit a set number of days to exercise and never miss them. Put the dates and times in your diary and plan your social life around your training. But be realistic – don’t commit to what you can’t do.

* Don’t completely change your diet all at once – keep some indulgent foods in your diet but eat smaller portions. If you usually order three cheeseburgers – order one.

* Do weights – girls and guys. Weights do help you lose body fat, despite the myths that say you’ll get bulky. You won’t if you’re eating well.

* Don’t skip breakfast – it’ll stop you snacking and craving bad foods. Opt for eggs on toast, porridge or a smoothie – add a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie or porridge.


For more meal ideas, advice and sign-up information, email:

Follow Fran on Instagram: /franspreng, Facebook: Francis Sprenger, Twitter: @FranSprenger


Lift and Lose bootcamps: £50 – 4 weeks / £135 – 12 weeks.

The next bootcamp starts Monday 9th January, 2017.

Personal training: 12 weeks £450 – starting January 2017 (payment can be made in three instalments)

Online coaching: £300 – 12 weeks – tailored nutrition and training plan.

Training plan: £40 generic training plan. Enquire for a bespoke plan.


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