An Italian adventure: Treviso – Venice

Two hours up in the air then the warm air hits my face – there’s no better feeling than stepping out of the plane and into the sun. Hello Italy.


Treviso airport is where most budget flights arrive – from there, its a 15 euro taxi into the town. It’s picturesque and seems small at first glance, but the north-east Italian town is home to endless secret squares and waterways.


Piazza Dei Signoiro is the place to go for food, drink and shopping – right in the centre of town. While it can’t compete with the glamour of Venice, it’s certainly worth a wander.



Domus Dotti V actually describes itself as a house not a hotel. It’s easy to miss, tucked away on the side street (pictured above), but the biggest surprise is the grand interior (pictured below).


There’s also a rooftop terrace with luxury beds for sunbathing on warmer days.


A ten minute walk from the hotel and you’ll reach Treviso Railway station which has direct rail links to Venice Island for 3 euros per person. The trains run every 30 minutes or so and you’ll pass some stunning architecture along the way.


Be sure to take the train named Venice St Lucia as the final destination. It’ll drop you off right outside the Grand Canal with views of Rialto Bridge.


From here, go explore on foot or catch the water taxi to see the attractions.


It’s easy to get lost wandering the narrow alleyways – but you’ll discover something new on every corner and I guarantee you’ll fill your camera roll in less than a day.


San Marco is best reached by water taxi – which costs 7.50 euros per person. Or splash out in true Italian style on a gondola – from 40 euros per 30 minutes.


While it’s tempting to order a coffee and admire the views when you step off the boat, be warned, you’ll get little change from 10 euros for a coffee.

But if you head down the side streets, you’ll find cafes and bakeries serving authentic Italian snacks and drinks for a quarter of the cost, to grab and go.


The waterside restaurants are also costly – but I was willing to pay the price for pasta and tiramisu with a view.



Burn off your calories with some retail therapy. You’ll find endless designer names on route back from San Marco to the railway station.


The market stalls will also catch your eye along the way. Every year, the city hosts ‘The Carnival of Venice’ which attracts three million visitors. But many venues in the city also host carnival themed events throughout the year.


Italy is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Go explore!

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