Permanent brows: the truth behind the treatment

What’s it really like to get a permanent brow tattoo?

  • Does it hurt? Yes. But it’s probably not as bad as you think.
  • How long does the treatment take? Approximately 2 hours for your first sitting, then one hour for your second sitting about one month later.
  • Is the tattoo permanent? It does fade over time, so you’ll need a colour boost top-up a year or two later.
  • Is it expensive? £350 – I see it as a worthwhile investment, given the time and money I spend on pencils and powders.


As soon as I met Amie, I instantly liked her. She’s one of those girls you want to be around – kind, confident and beautiful – I felt completely at ease in her company.

And that’s important when you’re looking for a permanent make-up artist. While I’d browsed her portfolio, and was impressed with her work, for me, what was most important, was that I felt 100 per cent comfortable and trusted her.

Her own brows and make-up are immaculate. She’s very natural and that’s the look I wanted too – nothing too big or bold, just an enhancement.


Amie, The White Room DC

I had my first permanent make-up treatment a few years back and was so happy with the results. But the treatment had faded almost completely. I asked Amie to redefine the shape and give me a colour boost.

Ahead of my treatment day, Amie posted me a patch test sample, information about what to expect during the treatment, after care advice and details about her business and qualifications. I felt more reassured by her professionalism and attention to detail.

Amie works from her at-home salon, The White Room DC – aptly named as it’s a white-wash room attached to her stunningly decorated home, with open countryside views in the district of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. You will leave with home envy.


Inside The White Room DC

I laid back on the treatment bed while Amie applied a numbing gel over my brow area. She mixed the colour then began to draw the shape outline with a pencil. I checked in the mirror I was happy with the shape, we made a few tweaks just lifting the brow slightly, then two hours later, I’ve got the real thing.

The sensation is scratchy – but it’s not unbearable pain. For the first couple of days, the colour was much darker than what I asked for, but as my brows began to heal, I was left with the desired shade. It’s best not to touch them at all while they’re healing, the broken skin will flake and drop off on its own. But Amie does provide a balm to apply if needed.


My brows, just afer treatment

After four weeks, I returned for a colour top-up – there’s nothing different from your first appointment, but it doesn’t usually take quite so long.

It’s been a few weeks since my top-up and my brows are now fully healed. I couldn’t be happier with the results. For me, brows are what define my face shape. I usually pencil and powder my brows every single day and getting the perfect shape is something I always struggle with.

I still have my brows threaded every few weeks (or you can wax and tweeze when healed) to keep my natural hairs looking neat and tidy, but I no longer have the hassle of drawing them on daily. On holiday is when I appreciate them the most.

As well as eyebrows, Amie offers eyelash enhancement, flick liner, lip blush (a subtle blended lip liner) and full lip colour. As a fully qualified Aesthetics Nurse, she also offers injectable’s and skin peels.

Find out more about all each of the treatments via


If you’ve been considering permanent make-up for a while – do your research, read client reviews, ask to see a portfolio and make sure you trust the artist. Check out The White Room DC on Instagram @thewhiteroomdc

If you’ve got any questions, comment below and I’ll get back to you, or ask Amie for more info: / 07833 616 748.


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