#SuperEleven juice cleanse

Just juice. No food. Three days.

Prepare to test your self-control…


Whether you’re looking to kick-start a weight loss journey, detox following an over indulgent holiday, or simply replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals – the Super Eleven Signature Cleanse could be your three day saviour.

Designed to detox and cleanse your body of toxins and excess weight; you’ll drink 15 juices over three days – replacing the meals you’d usually eat.

Labelled 1 – 5, the juices are packed with super-foods and supplements to help nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals.



My aim was to speed up my weight loss and flush out my system ready to make a lifestyle change. I cleared my cupboards of sweet treats to reduce the temptation of tucking into any solid foods. Here’s how it went…

Day one: was a struggle. I’m a big foodie and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. By lunchtime my body was craving something warm and comforting. I managed to stay disciplined and went to bed early – it’s recommended you have eight hours sleep per night.


Day two: I woke up hungry! But surprisingly, the breakfast juice filled me up. The mid-morning super vitality juice is my favourite so I was actually looking forward to my next juice. I had a busy day and I’d forgotten about my food cravings by the time I went to bed.


Day three: Knowing I only had one day to go, I felt focused. My stomach already felt flatter, I had no bloating and the juices were enough to fill me. Granted, I don’t know whether I’d manage the full five day detox, but as a first-time juicer, I was impressed I’d got through three days with no solids.


The results: I lost 2.5 pounds in three days; which given I’m 5ft 3 and a size 8-10, is a result I’m happy with.

The plan advises you could lose up to seven pounds within three to five days.

I reintroduced myself to food slowly – smaller portions of healthy, unprocessed meals.

One week on and I’ve lost an extra pound.

The cost:

1 day: £99

3 days: £269.99

5 days: £309.99

NB: Keep a lookout on Groupon for new customer deals!


1 – Breakfast super fuel (7am – 8am)

Ingredients: Carrot, Apple, Mint, Maca

Description: Loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish your system; the Peruvian Maca will boost libido, endurance and energy while the refreshing mint will help to keep your mind active and alert.

2 – Mid morning super vitality boost (9am – 11am)

Ingredients: Mineral Water, Lemon, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup

Description: This juice is ideal for a pre-workout energy boost. Hydrating with the purest water, its lemon component cleanses whilst the maple syrup sweetens. Added benefits include the ingredients’ minerals, zinc, iron plus vitamins A and C.

3 – Lunchtime super pure (12pm – 2pm)

Ingredients: Broccoli, Romaine Lettuce, Celery, Pear, Chia Seeds, Cucumber

Description: A specially formulated and elixir juice with the added bonus of the superfood, chia seeds; particularly good for the body and brain. A delicious undercurrent of pear and cucumber brings harmony to the balance of benefits and taste.

4 – Mid-afternoon super green charger (3pm – 5pm)

Ingredients: Cucumber, Kale, Apple, Spirulina, Parsley

Description: Packed with a full range of leafy green vegetables and sweetened with apple, this Mother Nature Super Green delicious juice, is empowered with spirulina for added calcium and iron.

5 – Dinner super glow (6pm – 8pm)

Ingredients: Beetroot, Celery, Apple, Goji Berries,

Description: An appetizing blend of healthy ingredients, especially fibre and antioxidants to help cleanse your system. With Goji berries helping to boost the immunity system, you should feel refreshed, revitalised and glowing.

Visit supereleven.com to find out more.



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