#Vita360: Reach your peak with AM Fitness

Meet Austin McIntosh: health professional – personal trainer, sports massage therapist, motivational speaker and mentor.


He’s also the founder of Vita360 – a new health programme that’s just launched at Pure Gym, Sheffield.

As a former client, I’d recommend anyone starting their fitness journey to consider Vita360.

Austin has taught me how to train and maintain motivation. He’s genuinely passionate about helping people.

Rivaling the likes of The Body Coach 90 Day Plan; Vita360 is an affordable programme with achievable outcomes. Find out more from my ten questions with the expert trainer himself…


  1. So Vita360 – what does it mean?

Vita is the Latin word for Life. And 360 reflects the programme as a whole – it’s no quick fix, it’s a complete lifestyle change.

  1. Can you sum up the programme in a sentence?

Vita360 is revolutionary! It’s a complete health programme based around developing new habits and behaviours – educating you on how to train specific areas of the body, how hard to train, what foods to eat and how to control portion sizes.

  1. How long does the programme run for?

It’s a five-phase, 16-week programme. Week one begins with a detox; during weeks two to four it’s a full body workout and education process; then going forward we target both the upper and lower body and more specifically the individual body parts to enable you to condition your body to its maximum potential.


  1. What makes this programme different from any others?

You get two trainers. Myself – who you’ll meet in week one; I’ll be your online mentor – here to answer any questions you have, any time, any day. Then once your initial health assessment is complete, I’ll hand you over to my colleague – a fully qualified personal trainer, who will be your support in the gym, every step of the way.

  1. How much does it cost?

£35* a week. And for that you receive a health assessment, three training sessions per week in the gym, and online support 24/7. I also donate 50p from every session to my charity of the year: Sincere Support – helping to support the parents and families of sick children.

  1. Can you describe your average day?

I wake up at 5am every day. Why? To see more of the day. I’m motivated to change lives so I aim to help at least six people every working day.

  1. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Happy, compassionate and enthusiastic.


Left: PT, Austin. Right: Client, Chip.

  1. When is the best time to start the programme?

It’s never too early or too late to start. If you sign up now, we have an incentive for the Vita360 launch, offering a free treatment at one of five leading hair and beauty salons.**

  1. Who is the programme aimed at?

Anyone – men and women, any size, age or shape – wanting education on fitness and nutrition. Be prepared to work hard and you’ll succeed. I have 100% belief in the programme

  1. What’s next for Vita360?

We’ll be working hard with our clients enrolled on the programme on the run up to Christmas. I tell everyone to have a break and indulge in what they like – then we’ll be back to work for the New Year. In 2017, I plan to roll out the programme in Pure Gyms across Sheffield then the UK.

Find out more by visiting: www.vita360.uk


Follow AM Fitness: Reach Your Peak on Facebook for daily workout plans, competitions and expert tips. Instagram:@austin_bmc, Twitter: @austinpersonal.

Pure Gym, Archer Lane, Sheffield, S8 0LB.

*A £100 deposit is required on enrolment. Fully refundable when the full 16 week programme is completed.

**Participating salons include: Style Bar, Wax Inc, Taylor Taylor, Hair Union and Hush Hair. Terms and conditions apply.


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